Enswitch is the most feature-rich, most powerful, and most flexible soft-switch for commercial carrier grade telephony services. It scales to tens of thousands of concurrent calls. It supports a wide variety of business models, including:

  • Multi-tenant hosted PBX.
  • ITSP (Internet Telephony Service Provider) services.
  • VoIP for WiFi providers.
  • Toll-free and number translation services.
  • Calling cards.
  • Call shops.

with hundreds of thousands of users and tens of thousands of concurrent calls on a single centrally managed cluster. It provides integrated end user and telephone management, pre-paid and post-paid billing, invoicing, resellers and affiliates, and a wide range of telephony features.

Enswitch is compatible with most modern telephone systems, including all common SIP telephones, all common SIP and IAX PBXs, traditional PBXs and PSTN providers supporting Primary Rate ISDN over E1 or T1, and many others. Enswitch can be used in pure VoIP environment, a pure traditional telephony environment, or a hybrid environment, making it ideal for transitioning legacy PBX environments to VoIP.

For more details on why you should choose Enswitch, see enswitch.com.

Information for those planning an Enswitch installation:

Information for those who already have an Enswitch system: