What is hosted PBX?

Integrics Enswitch has been designed from the ground up to provide telephone services to many customers in many locations, all from one central hosted system. One such service is hosted PBX. End users have SIP telephones on their desks, or SIP softphones on smartphones or desktop PCs. These telephones connect to the central server via the internet or a dedicated network. All telephony features, such as call routing, billing, find-me, voicemail, queues, hunt groups, etc, run on the server. No expensive PBX is required at customers' sites, saving capital expenditure and administration effort. Even the smallest businesses can take advantage of the same features as the largest corporations, and capacity can be instantly added as business grows. Enswitch provides a comprehensive web interface to allow the owner of the system, any resellers, and end customers to configure telephony features.

Enswitch allows resellers to sell services to their own customers. The system owner sets prices to resellers for any calls and features used by their customers. Depending on how the system is configured, resellers may then set their own pricing to customers, or be required to use pricing set by the system owner.

Enswitch can be used to offer call center services. These can be geographically dispersed, with agents in an office, at home, or connected via the public telephone network (PSTN).

Hosted PBX services are the cutting edge of VoIP technology. With a hosted PBX service, your telephony service will put you ahead of traditional hardware-based PBX systems. Enswitch is your premier choice for a hosted PBX solution.