This is a list of new features in Enswitch 4.2. It is not exhaustive; some enhancements are too minor to list. A full list of features can be found on

Highlights of 4.2

  • MMS support, with integration.
  • Matrix instant messaging server.
  • Inbound calls can be billed by callerid as well as called number.
  • Outbound calls can be routed and billed by callerid as well as called number.
  • Experimental WebRTC softphone built into the web interface.


  • Asterisk 18 support.
  • Kamailio 5.4 support.
  • Alerts can be sent at the start of emergency calls.
  • Voicemails and call recordings can be transcribed using Google speech recognition.
  • Call recordings can be stored in Amazon AWS.
  • The bulk dialler can be configured not to make calls if routing to a busy or unavailable telephone line, hunt group, or queue.
  • Experimental PJSIP support.

Web interface and administration

  • Importing users is more flexible, with fewer required fields.
  • Users can be created with "auto" as their allowed source IP address.
  • Messages can be forwarded between shared customers.
  • Music can be shared with resellers.
  • Outbound calls can be transferred in the control panel.
  • Normal users can be given permission to view all users' calls in the control panel.
  • The ticket system supports attachments.
  • The ticket system can be configured to accept ticket updates by email.
  • Bulk change of telephone lines can update more fields.
  • The web interface provides a visual hint of which fields have been changed.
  • The web interface more gracefully handles inaccessible API and web resources.


  • A new Microsoft Outlook plugin to click-to-call for Outlook contacts.


  • Queue events are sent to the events notification system.


  • Provisioning of buttons on telephone handsets is more flexible.
  • The provisioning templates for Yealink handsets have been updated.

System management

  • Logging can be done to a remote syslog server.
  • Optional Redis caching of database lookups.