This is a list of new features in Enswitch 4.0. It is not exhaustive; some enhancements are too minor to list. A full list of features is also available.

Highlights of 4.0

  • The web interface has had a major redesign to be more modern, more flexible, and easier to use.
  • Context-sensitive help in the web interface.
  • Shared line appearance (SLA).
  • Complex call flows can be easily understood using an interactive graphical call flow explorer.
  • Optional LDAP server.


  • Calls can be parked directly on a chosen parking slot.
  • Parking slots can be shared across customers who have common routing enabled.
  • Voicemail and fax notification emails can include a summary of the mailbox contents.
  • Forwarded voicemails and faxes record original destination.
  • Plugins can take parameters.

Web interface and administration

  • Custom fields can be added to customers and telephone lines without development or editing web templates.
  • Local CSS and image files can be administered within the web interface, making it easier for resellers to implement their own branding.
  • The web interface can have different templates per DNS domain.
  • A copy can be made of a customer in a single action.
  • Data in the customers table can be exported to a .csv file, and then imported.
  • Busy lamp buttons are validated, and rejected if invalid.
  • The call history report can show calls to queues which have been abandoned.
  • Classes of service can be shared by the system owner.
  • A report can be generated of all numbers and feature codes using a time group.
  • The call history report can link to an external VoIPmonitor report for each call, making debugging call problems easier.

Billing and payments

  • Products can be sold to sub-customers, with resellers being able to override prices.
  • More flexible control over whether customers are liable for taxes by default.


  • The Enswitch Client for Windows can optionally automatically update to new versions.


  • JSON API parameters and return values can be logged on the server side for debugging. Password fields are obfuscated.

System management

  • The system owner can edit the available voicemail and fax folders.
  • Older data in logging tables can be automatically moved to an archive database.