Most systems will not use ported numbers, and this step can be ignored.

You can configure the system to allow customers to add their own numbers which have been ported from another provider. You can of course always add such numbers for your customers, but this procedure allows them to do it themselves. Please note that:

  • Enswitch has no way of doing the actual porting of the number. This procedure merely allows the customer to add the number to the system once ported.
  • Customers could potentially use this to commit callerid fraud. Only trusted customers should be allowed to do this.

To configure number porting

  1. Log in to the Enswitch web interface.
  2. Add a new inbound group, perhaps called "Ported numbers". Set "Add ported numbers to this group" to yes. This disables this setting for all other inbound groups.
  3. Either add a new number class, setting "Add ported numbers to this class" to yes, or change an existing class for this setting. This disables this setting for all other number classes.
  4. In the rate plan features of any rate plan you wish to allow to use this, set "Port numbers into the system" to "Allow".
  5. Customers will now see a new option "Number ported from another provider" when choosing the inbound group on signing up or adding a new number. If they choose this, the next page will ask them to enter the number.
  6. If a customer adds a ported number, then subsequently deletes it, it is removed from the system rather than returned to the pool.