To view reports

  1. Log in to the Enswitch web interface.
  2. Go to Reports, then the type of report you'd like to view.
  3. Select the appropriate options to filter and sort the report results.
  4. Click the "Update" button.
  5. If the page has a button marked "Export as .csv", click this to download the results shown. Depending on your browser configuration, this may download a file to your computer, or may open the results in a program which can read .csv files such as Microsoft Excel.

The reports available are

  • Active calls. Shows calls in progress when the page is loaded. By default, this shows calls for telephone lines in your own customer. If you are logged in as the system owner or a reseller, you can also view calls for your customers. If you are logged in as a system owner, you can also view all calls active throughout the Enswitch installation.
  • Call history. Shows calls which have finished. It has the same options for customers as active calls, plus options to select customers by billing type. This is particularly useful for exporting the call history of externally billed customers to a .csv file.
  • Invoices. This only shows invoices which have been saved permanently.
  • Statistics. This option is only visible to the system owner. It shows historical data on call volumes for the entire system.
  • Transactions. These are any changes to customers' balances which are not associated with calls.
  • View rate plan. This option is only visible if your vendor has given you permission to access this. Unlike the others, this has no filter or sort options. Click on the set of prices you wish to view.